A few new updates for the month, mostly holiday orders, and boy am I swamped! 
Here's the super awesome swap gift I received from $n0wflake! The sprites around the edges are from Okami and she used my Facebook logo  for the main piece. I'm hoping to have it framed at my table for Magfest this year, it's the coolest banner I've ever seen! 
This is part of a commission I'm working on. The two sprites are Beam Kirby from Super Star Ultra and Megaman from Battle Network.
This is another commission, this time it's Cinccino from Pokemon!
Sorry for the wait, but (in Professor Farnsworth's voice) good news everyone! I sold one of the pieces I had queued up for Otakon so I'm working on another to replace it. I don't want to clutter up this site with too many work in progress pictures, so make sure to check out my Facebook page for all of the latest updates. I should be done in a few weeks, the outline's already finished.

Before I got started on that, I did manage to finish one more Mario enemy. Here's the bud of a piranha plant from SMB 3. 
    No, that's not a new spin-off of Bleach, it's what my week has been. I finished Ichigo this week, so now I have all of my artwork finished for Otakon this year. I also listed him up on Etsy, just in case.
    As for the Cheezeburger Network part of this story, I was lucky enough to be featured on one of their sites. I made the front page of Must Have Cute! They featured my Fire Flower Hair Clip, which is good because that's what I'm working on next. I've already started making some small Mario items, and I'll have them for sale in the shop soon.
    Because I'm making smaller items for the time being, I hope to have more regular updates. Remember you can always check out my Facebook for the most up to date pictures and project, but I hope to post sets of five every two weeks. See you soon!
I've started up a Facebook fan page for anyone interested in what happens behind the scenes here at Stitch Please. It won't be as updated as a Twitter would be, but I promise to update it more then my main site. I feel bad that I can be very slow on finishing a project and I won't have anything to update on for weeks. This way you can find out what I'm working on and see what else might be going on. If you do want to like me, just use the box below. Hope to see you there!