I know I said that I would have the pattern back up within the week, but I lied. I've been so busy trying to finish the Street Fighter pattern that I didn't have much time to mess with it. What I did do is put all of the characters on one pattern and narrowed down the colors. It is a little darker then the original, but I think it will look fine once it's stitched out. As for Street Fighter I have less then a dozen colors left! I'm getting so close to finishing I can't wait!
I'm working on the Super Street Fighter 2 character select screen now and trying to get that done by the end of November. In the meantime I was looking at some of my older patterns and realized that they looked, to be honest, kind of amateur. I've already updated my Garra pattern, but I'm working on the OHHC patterns now. I should have them done by the end of the week!