I just finished my first post Magfest project and it turned out beautifully!
    Also, thanks to the wonderful help I found at my local Micheal's, I now know how to properly frame cross stitch. Not that what I was doing up to this point was bad, but I was just matting them and not putting them into a frame. I think this looks a little cleaner, but some people like mattes and some don't.
    So with my new found knowledge, I re-framed my Street Fighter piece as well as my new Ranma piece. I'll be re-framing the Tardis as well as soon as I get a frame for it. 
    As an added bonus, I'm now on Twitter! My user name is @StitchPlease and my twitter feed will also automatically update when I post something on my Facebook. So if you wanted to peek behind the scenes, here's your chance!
6/27/2011 06:42:20 am

Hello there!
Where can I get a pattern of these Ranma? =)
thanks very much

Stitch Please
6/27/2011 07:11:58 am

The original site that had the Ranma pattern I used is gone, but I can email you the PDF that I used.

9/11/2011 02:24:15 am

Hi! I saw that you offered to email the PDF. Can I get a copy of that as well?!

8/25/2014 02:23:09 pm

Good day, you could spend the pattern to create the design of Ranma and Genma please? I would appreciate it very


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