Finally, the last piece of art for Otakon is done! I'll be displaying this and five others in the art auction. Here's the latest: it's in a eight by ten frame.
Here's the full list of items that will be at the auction:

Ranma and Genma from Ranma 1/2-starting price $50

Super Street Fighter 2 Character Select Screen-starting price $100

Ichigo from Bleach-starting price $50

Pikachu Pile-starting price $50

Tardis Sampler "It's Bigger On The Inside"-starting price $25
8/7/2011 01:12:48 am

I bought this at Otakon - I put a light blue mat around it and hung it up in my spare bedroom! Soooooo cute!!

8/7/2011 01:14:51 am

I'm so glad you like it! I'm sure it looks great with the blue mat. ^.^


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