I've been on a bit of a roll lately, so here's everything I've done in the past week. I really can't believe how quick I'm going through these, but that just means I need to think of another big pattern to slow me back down. The first one I made as a gift to my boyfriend. He works as a Database Admin. so I wanted something for his office. The original idea came from Futurama, and it translates from programmer speak into "Home Sweet Home".
The next one I finished in a weekend. It's the N7 logo from Mass Effect. I was using up a scrap of fabric I had and needed something small so this was perfect.
The last one I finished is very close to my heart, and yes, it's Portal! I guess I just can't help myself, poor companion cube.
8/3/2012 09:05:06 am

omfg, these are my 3 of most favorite things in the world, I am stealing all of them!!


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