A few new updates for the month, mostly holiday orders, and boy am I swamped! 
Here's the super awesome swap gift I received from $n0wflake! The sprites around the edges are from Okami and she used my Facebook logo  for the main piece. I'm hoping to have it framed at my table for Magfest this year, it's the coolest banner I've ever seen! 
This is part of a commission I'm working on. The two sprites are Beam Kirby from Super Star Ultra and Megaman from Battle Network.
This is another commission, this time it's Cinccino from Pokemon!
Finally, the last piece of art for Otakon is done! I'll be displaying this and five others in the art auction. Here's the latest: it's in a eight by ten frame.
Here's the full list of items that will be at the auction:

Ranma and Genma from Ranma 1/2-starting price $50

Super Street Fighter 2 Character Select Screen-starting price $100

Ichigo from Bleach-starting price $50

Pikachu Pile-starting price $50

Tardis Sampler "It's Bigger On The Inside"-starting price $25
I just finished my first post Magfest project and it turned out beautifully!
    Also, thanks to the wonderful help I found at my local Micheal's, I now know how to properly frame cross stitch. Not that what I was doing up to this point was bad, but I was just matting them and not putting them into a frame. I think this looks a little cleaner, but some people like mattes and some don't.
    So with my new found knowledge, I re-framed my Street Fighter piece as well as my new Ranma piece. I'll be re-framing the Tardis as well as soon as I get a frame for it. 
    As an added bonus, I'm now on Twitter! My user name is @StitchPlease and my twitter feed will also automatically update when I post something on my Facebook. So if you wanted to peek behind the scenes, here's your chance!
Done! Late but done, and just in time for Magfest! I haven't framed it yet, but it'll be 8 by 10 inches. I'm trying to have at least one other thing done before the convention, but I can only hope I can get that done in time!
I've been playing Super Street Fighter 4 and it's made me nostalgic for the older Street Fighter games. My favorite was Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, which in the US came with the Alpha Anthology. So I made patterns of my three favorite characters: Felicia, Dan, and Ryu. Hope you like them!