I apologize for my lack of updating. It's much quicker to just upload a picture then to write, what I hope, is a fun summary of what I've been stitching. I don't think I'll have another update until before Otakon, which is July 27th to July 29th. I've been busy with a new job as well, so I've been stitching less. Here's what I've managed to get done in 3 months!
This was an awesome special order for Studio Nasu, who I met at magfest. The ninja is from the Gameboy version of Final Fantasy.
I worked on this piece for about a month, and it's 8 by 10 inches. It was a special order that was made for a game tester. I hope they liked it!
This is my favorite piece this year! I started working on it in February, and just finished last week. It's the second clock I've made, the first was my Sonic clock. I used every current Eevee-lution, and the first four Pokeballs for the main numbers. The edges were a little rough, so I finished it with some black ribbon. I'll be selling it at Otakon this year, but it'll be hard to part with!
It's been a busy month for me, but now that's it's after Christmas I can show you all of my hard work! This is a special order for the lucky Michael. It has 14 different sprites of Setzer from Final fantasy 3/6 around his name and is stitched in a 5 by 7 inch area. He then framed it in the 8 by 10 inch frame. This took me about a month, and it's the first project I've finished with no mistakes! 
Also for my east coast fans I'll be at Magfest again! I even have a super nifty flyer this year. If you see me there, it'll even have a coupon attached! 
See you next year!
Wow, it's a little dusty in here. Sorry about that, I've been using Facebook so much for updates, but don't worry I haven't forgotten about this! I'll be using more for monthly updates, that way it'll be more regular. I've been stitching mostly commissions, but I'll post everything!
This is two sets of mages from Final Fantasy. The first set are keychains, the second are magnets.
Here's a Nyan Cat bookmark that was super fun to make. It's on sale in my Etsy store!
Here's the latest, my Sprite Stitch Swap gift. I sent it across the border to Canada, and my swap partner really liked it! 
I've finished White Mage and Fighter, but I don't have the brown or yellow to make the other three. As soon as I can figure out why KG Chart is messing up colors so badly, I'll figure out the thread for those.

In the meantime I've started on another Mario set. This time it's his enemies, so far I have Bullet Bill and a spiny done.

Another set done! This time it's Link from the original Legend of Zelda. Also I've started working on the character from the first Final Fantasy. So far I have Red Mage done.
    I'm trying something a little different with the bigger sprites. Instead of doing them on plastic canvas, they're done on regular fabric. That way everything stays around two inches. They seem to be working out okay, so I've started on Fighter and should have White Mage done next.
Just finished this commission for a friend. The sprites are taken from the Card Gallery, and it's about 5 inches by 7 inches. It's also my first time working on 18 count fabric. I'm not really sure if I like all the colors that KG Chart picked so I may be re-stitching some of it. I'm getting back into stitching the small stuff for my store, but no need to fear I will be doing some bigger stuff too.  I'm just trying to decide between a few Scott Pilgrim patterns or an awesome Howl's Moving Castle pattern I found. I guess I'll figure it out when I finish the set of magnets I'm working on, or just get sidetracked on another cool pattern. Hey it happens!
Here he is, the project I've been working on for almost two weeks now is done! This is Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 in his Kingdom Hearts outfit. I really like how the colors turned out, and this was the first time I had used KG-Chart. I was so happy with how he looked I didn't even have time to iron him! He's about 6 inches by 5 1/2 inches and believe me that picture doesn't do him justice. Now on to the next project, wish me luck!