Finally, the last piece of art for Otakon is done! I'll be displaying this and five others in the art auction. Here's the latest: it's in a eight by ten frame.
Here's the full list of items that will be at the auction:

Ranma and Genma from Ranma 1/2-starting price $50

Super Street Fighter 2 Character Select Screen-starting price $100

Ichigo from Bleach-starting price $50

Pikachu Pile-starting price $50

Tardis Sampler "It's Bigger On The Inside"-starting price $25
    No, that's not a new spin-off of Bleach, it's what my week has been. I finished Ichigo this week, so now I have all of my artwork finished for Otakon this year. I also listed him up on Etsy, just in case.
    As for the Cheezeburger Network part of this story, I was lucky enough to be featured on one of their sites. I made the front page of Must Have Cute! They featured my Fire Flower Hair Clip, which is good because that's what I'm working on next. I've already started making some small Mario items, and I'll have them for sale in the shop soon.
    Because I'm making smaller items for the time being, I hope to have more regular updates. Remember you can always check out my Facebook for the most up to date pictures and project, but I hope to post sets of five every two weeks. See you soon!