I apologize for my lack of updating. It's much quicker to just upload a picture then to write, what I hope, is a fun summary of what I've been stitching. I don't think I'll have another update until before Otakon, which is July 27th to July 29th. I've been busy with a new job as well, so I've been stitching less. Here's what I've managed to get done in 3 months!
This was an awesome special order for Studio Nasu, who I met at magfest. The ninja is from the Gameboy version of Final Fantasy.
I worked on this piece for about a month, and it's 8 by 10 inches. It was a special order that was made for a game tester. I hope they liked it!
This is my favorite piece this year! I started working on it in February, and just finished last week. It's the second clock I've made, the first was my Sonic clock. I used every current Eevee-lution, and the first four Pokeballs for the main numbers. The edges were a little rough, so I finished it with some black ribbon. I'll be selling it at Otakon this year, but it'll be hard to part with!